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Drainage Improvement Works at Mong Kok

In order to relieve the flood risk in urban areas, a stormwater storage tank is proposed in Shek Kip Mei Park with storage capacity of about 20,000 cubic metres, together with the re-provision of Shek Kip Mei Park and associated landscape works. This project aims to offer a quality and sustainable landscape architectural design solution, as well as to develop a multi-level public open space to promote the concept of Sponge City and resilience to climate change. An innovative design theme with water-friendly culture will provide an engaging and dynamic space for users to enjoy apart from flood prevention purpose.

Project Location:

Shek Kip Mei Park


Drainage Services Department



Project Type:



Project Scope:

Conceptual & Schematic Design

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OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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