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Public Housing Development at Tung Chung Area 100

The public housing development project in Tung Chung new town extension area serves to provide 5,200 flats for approximately 16,120 population. While catering the residential needs, an abundance of active and passive outdoor spaces including several community play areas for residents are proposed. Some natural elements of the site location are used in landscape design, such as mangrove, rocks and seashells. A strong connection between the adjacent Tung Chung housing development area 99 is designed to facilitate a better linkage.

Project Location:

Tung Chung Area 100


Hong Kong Housing Authority



Project Type:

Residential/ Commercial

Project Scope:

Government Submission, Detailed Design, Tender, Construction

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OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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