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The District Court at Caroline Hill Road

A new District Court Complex is targeted to be constructed at the Project Site, to co-locate the District Court, the Family Court of the Judiciary currently accommodated in Wanchai Law Courts Building, and the Lands Tribunal at Yaumatei under one roof to provide courtrooms, offices and ancillary facilities. The theme of the landscape proposal is to embrace the existing old and valuable tree with a modern setting that conveys a sense of solemnity and tranquillity and to achieve a harmonious balance between the application site with landscape design, in order to enhance the amenity value to the vicinity of the site.

Project Location:

Caroline Hill Road, Wan Chai


Architectural Services Department



Project Type:



Project Scope:

Technical Assessment, Government Submission, Conceptual & Schematic Design

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OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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