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Private Residential at Mid-levels

The project site is located just steps from Jardine's Lookout, where the garden is always fragranced with sweet aroma of tea olive trees during their long flowering season. By performing tree survey in the hillside backyard, all healthy trees are retained to provide fresh greenery and enhance privacy. The alfresco dining patio is beautifully portrayed against the backdrop of picturesque mountain landscape and green trees. High-end natural granite paving matches well with the exterior wall finish of this British villa, which brings a sense of elegance and luxury to the overall design.

Project Location:



Excel Deal Ventures Ltd



Project Type:

Residential/ Commercial

Project Scope:

Government Submission, Conceptual & Schematic Design, Detailed Design,Tender, Construction

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OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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